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A modern alchemy of form based on ancient wisdom, for creating harmony and balance.
BioGeometry is a fascinating new science based on ancient principles that explore the hidden ways in which nature creates and distributes energy for the benefit of living beings. It is nature's own language of shape, color, sound and motion, and comprises such topics as sacred geometry, radiasthesia and design. BioGeometry offers you the opportunity to truly understand the nature of energy and the impact which forms, shapes, colours and other parameters of vibration and frequency can have on us and our life. More importantly, it will enable you to create harmonious energies and qualities in the spaces of your home, office and even on youself and your loved ones.
Developed over three decades of intensive research by Dr Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, BioGeometry brings together some powerful and little known disciplines: the vast knowledge accumulated by the European radiesthesiast researchers of the early 1900s especially on the important subject of shape-caused waves; the remnants of the once secret temple sciences pf harmonics practiced in ancient Egypt; and binding them all together, the more recent research findings made by Dr Karim himself of precise energies affecting health and consciousness. The result is a study that combines solid theory and very practical techniques that is nothing short of amazing, and certainly very useful in today's world!

As one of the few certified instructors of BioGeometry, and the first instructor in Europe, Kris Attard is presenting complete Foundation Trainings in BioGeometry in Europe and other countries. For announcements of trainings, check our our SCHEDULE page here.
If there are no trainings available in your country, please feel free to email us to discuss the possibility of prganising such a training in your area.
Kris Attard, Certified BioGeometry Instructor, with Dr Ibrahim Karim, the founder of BioGeometry in Cairo
                      "He who knows the law of vibrations, knows all"
                                                             - Hermes Trismegistrius
BioGeometry is all about energy, vibration and resonance, and learning practical ways of using these principles in practical ways that can help oneself, as well as humanity. The principles of BioGeometry begin with solid scientific precepts of energy, and by applying a holistic viewpoint and the proven methods of physical radiasthesia, produce a new science with immense practical application.
Science talks about energy in terms of its observed effects and interactions with the various strata of life, and the definition of the different vibrationary levels we can identify on the energy spectrum chart. Biogeometry builds on this and takes it further, going into a level of awareness which the ancients knew very well and which has been all but lost down the ages due to our increasingly disconnected and limited paradigm of life.
In BioGeometry we learn how to
a. measure the different energies and frequencies. This refers not only to discerning the different frequencies of the energy spectrum chart, but also the little known concepts of vertical and horizontal waveform energies, and shape-caused waves.
b. create specific vibrations and resonances using Nature's own language of shape, form, sound, number, angle, colour, sound and so on.
The latter is the missing link in much of today's holistic energy work, and yet is essential as it gives us the ability to understand and measure energies that are beneficial, as well as those which are detrimental. Unfortunately for us, today this form of energy frequency comes to us in a myriad forms which are seriously compromising our well-being on all levels, from physical, emotional and mental ill health, to spiritual instability. On the most basic level, we can for instance see its proliferating effect in terms of the slow degeneration of our immune systems and the dramatic increase in the incidence of serious diseases such as cancer. The ever-growing electromagnetic wirless trend is very instrumental in causing this, as are other hidden factors.  
Several research projects have been carried using BioGeometry in different walks of life. These include:
- The Hemberg and Herschel Projects, where with the endorsement of the Swiss
   Government, BioGeometry was used to effectively balance the harmful effects 
   which electromagnetic radiation, including that from a cellphone towers, was
   having on the residents of these two towns.
- The Hepatitis C Project which demonstrated the potential of BioSignatures to
   address bodily balance and health.
- Agricultural research into enhancing the life force, and hence the wholsesome-
   ness and shelf life, of fruit and produce with totally natural means. In another 
  experiment it was deomonstrated how vegetables could be grown even in 
  prohibitively saline water, yet with growth which, thanks to the use of 
  BioGeometrical forms, exceeded even normal non-saline conditions.
- The Chicken Farm Experiment, where simply through the placement of
   balanced colours in the farm, poultry grew larger and healthier than usual, in
   less time and without any hormones or drugs.
-  Experiment in Cairo with Dr Masaru Emoto showing the amazing effect which
   BioGeometry forms and BioSignatures had on water crystals (Dr Emoto's link).
- The first house in North America designed from the ground up with
   BioGeometry, resulting in a dwelling which is tuned to natural harmony and
   earth energies such that it nurtures and balances its inhabitants. 
Up to some time ago, training in BioGeometry was not easy as one had to travel to Egypt or USA to learn the subject. Kris Attard is now the first European Certified BioGeometry Instructor and conducts trainings in various countries.
The Foundation Training consists of three Levels of 2 days each, as follows:
Level 1: Introduction to BioGeometry, the fundamental principles of how BioGeometry works, the use of the methodology down the ages and how it can be used to create balamnce and harmony in our lives.
Level 2: Intermediate Energy Quality Measuring and Balancing. This is a very practical level where we learn the uses of physical radiesthesia to measure different frequencies and qualities of energy, and amongst many other techniques learn how to evoke specific harmonious qualities in rooms, buildings and so om.
Level 3: BioGeometry Design Principles and BioSignatures. A specialised level which addresses two important subject. Principles of design which automatically confer harmonious qualities to the design, be it a room or a logo; and BioSignatures, where the participant receives and learns to use Dr Karim's hundreds of special patterns to create balance and help healing on various levels.
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Practising BioSignature
during a BioGeometry
training in South Africa 2010.