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Choosing who to train with is just as important as choosing what workshop to attend. You want to learn from an instructor who is a good teacher, with experience and enthusiasm in his field. To help you feel confident in choosing an Awareness Workshops training, here is some information about your instructor. Should you have any specific questions to help you decide whether the workshop you are considering is right for you, Kris is always happy to answer your queries.
Kris Attard from Malta is an international personal development and holistic sciences teacher, who has been teaching for almost two decades. He has conducted public and specialised trainings in 18 countries, including workshops with live translation into three languages. His main focus is BioGeometry, Sacred Geometry and Symbols, MindScape and intuition training, Bazi and related subjects.

Kris has been involved in the study and research of these subjects since an early age, and comes from a rich training background in the fields of holistic sciences and mind skills that includes the BodyTalk System of energy medicine, mind dynamics methods including deBono Six Thinking Hats and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), gestalt psychotherapy, Systems Thinking, martial arts and esoteric philosophy. He is a trained traditional Feng Shui consultant and a student of Building Biology with the International Institute of Bau-Biology & Ecology. In previous careers, he has worked in Public Health and Environmental Science, as well as in marketing and advertising.

For many years Kris has been Senior Instructor of MindScape, a powerful intuition training method which he has taught since the 1990s to public as well as specialised audiences such as athletes and business executives. He first trained in the method with Dr John Veltheim (founder of the International BodyTalk Association) in its initial form as Life Management, later helping to formulate it as MindScape, and he is the author of the MindScape Manual. In 2004 he originated Advanced MindScape, and throughout the years has trained many MindScape instructors. He has actively implemented the methods in his past career in marketing, winning awards for originality of his work.

Kris' speciality today is the field of energy and shape. He is a certified BioGeometry instructor, one of a handful in the world, having been trained and certified by the founder of BioGeometry, Dr Ibrahim Karim in Egypt, and has been responsible for spreading this powerful and timely subject in various countries.

He also teaches Sacred Geometry and symbolism, and enjoys researching ancient wisdom related to earth energies and the use of shape in ancient structures, particularly those in his own country. He leads specialised tours of the renowned temples of Malta and Gozo that focus on these aspects, and has a book in preparation on the sacred geometry of the Neolithic temples.

Kris' teaching style has been described as knowledgeable, heart-based and passionate. He has taught workshops in Malta, Italy, United Kingdom (including Jersey), Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, United States, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Cayman Islands.
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