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An exciting subject that deals with energy and shape, and creating harmonious qualities in your life. BioGeometry brings together ancient wisdom and spiritual science with modern knowledge. You will learn practical skills to benefit you and your loved ones: how to measure and detect beneficial and detrimental energies, balance your living and working spaces, harmonise your food, protect against electro-magnetic radiation and more. It is also ideal for designers, architects and holistic therapists. BioGeometry will literally bring new dimensions into your life.
Discover the magic of your mind! MindScape is an experiential weekend workshop that will connect you to your inner self and your intuition in a very real way. During the weekend you get to develop intuitive and creative tools you never thought possible. MindScape is an excellent platform for all advanced mind and energy work, and is hence ideal for holistic practitioners, artists, businesspersons and even athletes, who can now benefit from mental training the way world class athletes do it. Now you can learn MindScape from one of the original instructors who has been teaching it for almost 20 years.
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If you enjoyed MindScape then you will want to take the next step. Continue your journey with Advanced MindScape, powerful paradigm expansion that will open new possibilities and of course, more exciting new techniques. Amongst others you will attain a way of accessing the Workshop state instantly, remote viewing, working with archetypes, working with time, tuning in to nature and group energies, tapping into synchronicity, learn to do the scanning (the medical intuitive technique of MindScape) in three dimensions, and more.
Nature comprises inumerable forms, yet they can all be reduced to certain basic templates of form and energy - a language of nature that is encoded within us all. The ancient sages studied this template on both physical and metaphysical levels, and incorporated its forms into their sacred sites and temples. Besides the physical order of Nature, these templates also reveal the higher order of its source that links us all. Sacred Geometry will take you on a fascinating learning trip with both theory and practical, with hundreds of illustrative and slides, and meditations on the templates. You will not look at the world in the same way.
In this specialised workshop on Symbols, we will explore the role and use of different types of symbols, from the psychological and conceptual, artistic and illustrative, all the way to the sacred and esoteric symbols used down the ages, and learn how they can activate levels of consciousness and metaphysical energy. We learn to draw the various forms, including the construction of labyrinth forms, and explain the energic working of symbols as well as ancient temples and statues, and why certain shapes and artefacts can be beneficial, and others detrimental. A fascinating seminar that will enable you to recognise, understand and use symbols to benefit in your own life.

The Maltese Islands boast one of the richest historical heritages, including Neolithic temples that are among the world's oldest standing structures. Apart from their historical merit, these temples have a unique value that is not sufficiently addressed in mainstream historical and archaeological channels. Drawing on his unique knowledge and his heart-felt connection with these temples of his ancestors, Kris Attard leads specialised and bespoke tours to explain the significance of these amazing temples in terms of ancient wisdom, sacred geometry and earth energies.
Bazi is an ancient Chinese system for reading destiny. Although described as astrology, it is based not on calculating planetary movements but on the Five elements in the birthdate. This fascinating discipline can accurately reveal the personality, tendencies, aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses of a person, as well as foretell favourable and unfavourable periods in their life, health, romance, career and so on. Bazi is very useful to help understand oneself and how to make the best of our attributes. It is also ideal for holistic practitioners and Feng Shui consultants as it can provide precious insighst for effective consultations.
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