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"I have been using MindScape in my own
life for over two decades, and I consider it to be
one of the most useful skills I ever learnt. It opened amazing possibilities for me, and I am happy
to pass on these same possibilities to you
during this weekend"
Everything we do and how well we do it, depends on how we use our mind. Yet we are trained to use mainly the logical function of our brain, and are not taught to use the immensely powerful faculties of the creative and intuitive mind. This means we are using only a small fraction of our mind's potential.

It is not only possible, but amazingly easy to expand the intuitive mind, just as mystics and geniuses have done throughout the centuries, topening vast new possibilities for life. The key to unlock this potential is in your hands. It's called MindScape.

MindScape is a powerful and enjoyable weekend workshop, that teaches you to use the remarkable hidden faculties of your inner mind. This happens firstly through learning to access a state of mind that opens the flow of creativity and intuition. Then, we build a permament framework for these faculties through visualisation.

The techniques can enhance all aspects of your life, including:
- personal development
- gaining a deeper awareness of your self and your potential
- enhancing your creativity
- expanding your intuition
- learning to relax and de-stress body and mind
- using the power of the subconscious mind to manifest success
- learning mental scanning skills as used by medical intuitives, with powerful applications for therapists
- practicing mental training for mind over body, including healing and sports excellence

In short, MindScape can open vast possibilities in every part of your life. The best news of all is that the techniques are easy to do, yet highly effective. You will leave this workshop with the possibility of mental abilities you never dreamed you could have.

MindScape can be done by anyone, as no previous training or experience is required. A detailed manual is supplied.

More information on MindScape can also be found on the website of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) 
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What do Kris' MindScape participants think about the course?
“I’ve been waiting three decades for this seminar!” S. Andersen, USA.

“Life-changing. What more remains to be said?” D. Allen, South Africa

“Simply fantastic!” V. R. Edwards, Teacher / Counselor, USA

"This class is the missing piece for me. Many years of studying…but needing a tool to truly work with my intuition. Thank you!" K LeFever, Educator, USA

"This opens up a world which I always knew existed but did not have the tools to access it consciously." S.Brodsky, USA

“Many, many thanks!” V. Nutt, Kinesiologist, Hong Kong.

“Amazing what one can do with the power of the mind.” N. Camilleri-Sultana, Manager (banking), Malta

“Mind-boggling.” M. Adams, Naturopath, USA.

"The whole weekend was a mind expanding experience.” E. G. Johnson, BodyTalk Practitioner, USA.

“I’m very excited to apply this to my personal work.” M. Hatfield, Shopkeeper, USA.

“The final exercise showed me a lot more was possible than I would have thought.” A. Kranich, Biologist, USA

“Mindscape opens many possibilities for me as an artist on many levels. Everyone should take Mindscape…the possibilities are endless.”
D. L. Hanson, Artist, USA.
“I will definitely use it, and recommend it…The best workshop I’ve ever done!” M.Ackermann, South Africa

"Great course! A new world has opened for me. Thank you!" A. Bergstrom, Sweden.
“So beneficial…I did not want it to end.” M. Bugeja, Malta.

“A beautiful seminar! I never realized how many possibilities there are for us to tap into!” B. Reichenbach, Canada.
“Cannot find words! I’m blown away!” S. Handa, South Africa

“Thank you. My visualization has improved tremendously, my intuition has reached a new level!” B. Sandan, South Africa

“This was probably the most powerful experience of my life”. M. Turnau, USA
“What a wonderful tool! I cannot find the right words to express how powerful it is…I believe everyone could benefit from this gift.” F. Hornstein, Malta

“Very mind-blowing. Really widens your horizons of life”. N. Chugh, Hong Kong.

“Very impressed how effective it is!” V. Buscom, USA

“Extremely valuable techniques… I feel I’m on a new road to self discovery, with the tools to fulfill my life’s dreams.” G. Magda, Physical Therapist, WA.

“This should be integrated in the school systems and included as part of college standard curriculum.” M. Buzek, BodyTalk Practitioner, USA

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