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"Advanced MindScape is the fruit of 20 years experience of MindScape, with more advanced applications that I implemented in my own work. These applications, which often dovetailed with other holistic and esoteric disciplines, integrated causality and time, Nature energies, group matrixes and Synchronicity into the paradigm. If you enjoyed MindScape, I invite you to join me for the next step.... beyond Workshop!"
If you are excited about the possibilities MindScape opens in your life, the next step for you is ADVANCED MINDSCAPE. This follow-up workshop is taught by Kris Attard who first originated it in 2004, and has since then been teaching his original course based on his many years experience of using MindScape in his own life and work, his research into advanced applications of the methods and enhancing its scope for the MindScaper.  Besides the powerful techniques you are familiar with, the workshop also incorporates elements from other systems such as the shamanic and mystery traditions, Systems Thinking, NLP and remote viewing. The result is a more versatile paradigm and tool, including Workshop skills you can access instantly, while interacting in everyday life.
One way of describing this advancement is that now the whole world around you becomes your Workshop!
Advanced MindScape spans 3 full days of theory and practice, with
both single, pair and group exercises, including an outside session working with Nature energies.The format is an open one which allows Kris to flow with the group energy. For instance, besides the fundamental techniques techniques listed below, past workshops have at times also drawn on topics such as thoughtforms, using symbols, ancient knowledge, animal communication and so on. In one group we found ourselves representing the constellation energy of a 5000 year old temple, in another healing the wounded matrix of a forest.
Some fundamental techniques we aim to cover:

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Participant comments about Kris Attard's Advanced MindScape course
"Life altering! Expanded my mind to endless possibilities!" T. Pratt, Interior Designer, USA

“Great seminar! It has confirmed my awareness of interconnectedness & unlimited possibilities” S. H, United Kingdom

"Wonderful....this is a life changing class. The best ever. Thank you! Thank you!" B. Cady, USA

“Incredible workshop! Much more than just learning new techniques, it was a process in moving forward on my spiritual path. I feel very empowered and excited about life. Things will never be the same after this.” J. B., USA

“Awesome workshop – great tools for life and work!“ J. MacLaughlin, BT Practitioner, USA

“Great workshop...learned many useful tools and had a lot of fun too, a rare combination for a workshop“. A. Horning, USA

“I feel I really benefited from this experience, and had fun in the process “ E. Ryan, BT Prac, Canada

“Excellent seminar“ L. Williams, Manager, USA

“Incredible“ L. McDonald, Attorney, USA

“ Wonderful weekend. Thank you Kris” M.C.P, United Kingdom
“This was an awesome course! Very enlightening…these tools will be indispensable in my personal life and work“. K. Katerenchuk, Canada

"These tools have opened a door in my awareness of what is possible." M. Wolf, Software Sales, USA

“Very powerful, interesting, awesome! I loved all of it!“ A. Scott, Canada

“I highly recommend MindScape and Advanced MindScape to anyone who is ready to integrate their life, or start a new phase." C. Johnson, USA

“This was fabulous, I enjoyed every minute” H.V, Netherlands

“This will stay with me for a long time! Thanks“. K. Paulson, Communications Tech, USA

“This seminar exemplified the capability we all have to tap into larger worlds of consciousness…what a wonderful gift! “ A M. Buquet, Architect, USA

“Absolutely incredible! “ A. Carter, Canada

“Excellent! Great experience! Look forward to Mindscape 3…!“ K. Shinol, USA

“Excellent workshop!” G.M.R., Spain
- The Trigger: We upgrade our MindScape technique using the Trigger, a hand position which links you into the intuitive state.
- Attitudes: Success of your techniques is very dependant on mental attitude. We explore the attitudes that are pivotal to our success in techniques, and those that sabotage our results.
- Centering the mind: Supporting the above are methods of centering the mind, crucial for achieving higher results. We explore the Light Cleanse, Clearing the Desk and Zero Point methods.
- Archetypes (personal): We learn to access these powerful aspects of our psyche, gaining awareness and attributes for everyday life.
- Remote Viewing: An introduction to this technique, we will remote view targets using the Open Style method as used by some of the first military remote viewers.
- Working with Time: Two Regression methods, together with learning to use the Timeline concept for moving information and energy through time.
-Tuning in to Nature: Upgrade the 'tuning in' technique to a more streamlined, shamanic-type version, and we learn to tune in to trees, plants, animals or ecosystems.
- Group energies: We also learn to tune in to aspects, or even groups. This is useful for exploring constellations and matrixes, such as morphogenetic frields.
- 3D Hologram Scanning: The Mental Scanning, but working multi-dimensionally, using both spatial and temporal orientation. This presents immense increase in the potential of this technique. We also tune in to body subtle energies.
- Working with the Field (Synchronicity): Possibly the most   powerful technique of the seminar is learning to work with 'the field', tapping in to synchronicity to attain information or insights on various levels.
WHO CAN ATTEND? The pre-requisite for Advanced MindScape is that you have attended MindScape  with a certified Instructor.
More information on Advanced MindScape can also be found on the website of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) 
You will learn Advanced MindScape under the expert supervision of Kris Attard, MindScape Senior Instructor who has been using these methods in his own life and work for two decades. Kris is the originator of this course, and has taught MindScape in 18 countries
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