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Advanced Biogeometry is aimed not only at giving you more knowledge and new tools, but at opening new doors of possibility with Biogeometry in your work and your life. The objective is three-fold.
We must firstly aim to improve competence with all the core techniques of Biogeometry and radiesthesia.
You will also naturally be learning new material and will have powerful new methods and tools at your disposal for evoking natureís Centering principle.
But most importantly also is instilling that crucial alignment of self which will empower all the  Biogeometry you apply.
Welcome to the heart of Biogeometry.
LEVEL 5 - Advanced Energy Quality Balancing
Again we firstly revisit key topics further such as Colour Placement; the directionality of Biosignatures; working with Biosignatures (including Dr. Karimís new information on directionality); and so on. 
Repairing the Cracked Steps of our life. Taking this powerful technique to deeper levels by using BioSignatures to heal internal energy blocks from collective matrixes and other factors beyond us, practicing this both individually and as a group. A special Biosignatures chart will be provided.
Using Qualities to balance/heal, including numbers, colours, angles, patterns and polarity. With numbers we use both BG Numbers and Spot Numbers that balance a specific circumstance.
The Bi-Location technique. Using a special emitter pattern (provided) we create a linkage between a sacred power spot and a space, house, person, body organ etc that needs healing.
The energy of intent and emotions. Working with how different states of mind, thoughts and emotions emit different qualities, we prove this with several interesting exercises.
We also discuss detrimental energies including gridlines and how to work safely with them; the deeper ramifications of electro-magnetic energies due to compression waves; entities and invasive energies; emotions and negativity; measures to avoid energy contamination; dealing with impregnation; and finally Dr. Karimís special prayer of activating the Light within everything.
Working with Planes of Nature. Ancient and modern concepts of the multi-part geometry of the soul; the geometry of the Planes, shapes that resonate with each plane and how to use them; using a special chart we learn a technique of testing on which plane a problem is located or originates from; the IKUP.
Power Spots. What they are, their energy and consciousness, how to commune with them and connect to them; locating power spots in the sky; making a simple BG3 emitter tube; you will create a 3D grid that links earth to sky power spots and learn how to do it with your locality.
We also work with the Net, a very powerful energetic technique that can be used to cleanse anything from our food to a person or an entire building.
LEVEL 6 - Advanced BioGeometry Design Principles
This module takes Design Principles of BioGeometry  further in both concept and understanding, and present some practical new techniques that will give you more methods for producing designs or objects which emit harmonising qualities in the spaces they occupy, or to the viewer.
We address the Forming Process of Nature, the original template of harmonious design which the ancients sought to emulate through the use of harmonics; the difference between nature and man-formed structures; creating living buildings and designs; how to introduce this level of harmony into our lives and designs.
The Harmonic Tables are an extremely useful tool to any BioGeometry or feng shui practitioner, architect or designer as they enable one to construct any design, room, item, etc, with dimensions that emit BG3 in themselves. On the subject of numbers, we also address working with BG numbers up to 200 and the effects of different numbers on our body.
The Energy Key will be revisited, and in particular various methods of balancing offset rooms and other situations where the Energy Key is upset. This includes room openings, doors and windows, stairs and the principle of harmonising the energy entering a house or a room.
The BioGeometry Harmonic Scaling system; using BG3 ring emissions from vertical objects; BG3 from harmonic placement of pillars, columns and walls.
This also takes us to working with earth energies both in ancient and modern structures. In particular we explore power spots and their role in town planning as well as possibilities for our structures.
The Threshold Principle. This factor which was a crucial feature of all sacred rituals and traditions from ancient times till today, can dramatically enhance our results in BioGeometry and other practices when deliberately applied. We explore spatial, temporal and conceptual thresholds and how to use them to good effect in our lives and our work
Energy memory of forms. Every stroke you draw contains an invisible energic component and memory that links it with other levels of reality; we explore the energy component of lines, circles and arcs; resonance of shapes and symbols
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LEVEL 4 - Review & New Biogeometry Tools
We begin the training with a detailed review of the fundamental concepts and techniques of BioGoemetry learnt in the Foundation Training. Addressing the crucial topic of the Physics of Quality, we take this a step deeper into its role in our consciousness and perception of life, and our energy level filters. We review the use of the BG16 and Neutral pendulums; key radiesthesia techniques including personal wavelength, assessing affinity, polarity, Connecting Ray technique; use of the Turenne Rulers; updates on the BioSignatures and ways of using them; the Sirius Odyssey CD.
The Horizontal & Vertical Dial Pendulums which today replace the Virtual Cone pendulum will also be addressed in detail. This includes their use for measuring harmonious and detrimental energies, and in particular the measuring of earth energy gridlines which the pendulums allow you to do safely.
You will also luse new tools, including the Human Archetype Ruler, the Dial, Corner Stand, Hemberg Emitter and IKUP Pendulum.
The Human Archetype Ruler is the most important tool you will learn in this training. It enables you to essentially measure different qualities of BG3 energy as well the energies of the 10 chakras (the usual seven plus the three higher spiritual ones) in anyone or anything, including any house, building or room. Furthermore you can also measure individual components such as for instance specific organs or body parts. This lends itself excellently not only as a comprehensive energy measuring tool but also as a before and after gauge for measuring interventions of BioGeometry, healing, home balancing and so on. The functionality is further multiplied as the Ruler enables you to take measurements even on specific planes of Nature i.e. physical, etheric, astral, mental or spiritual. This opens very detailed possibilities of analysis and measurement.
The Dial is another important tool that can be used to balance out spaces or situations with the quality of angle, including doorways, rooms, toxic surfaces, etc.
We will also work with the Corner Stand and Hemberg Emitters to neutralize electro-magnetic and geopathic stress.
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