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Everything in life is energy, Qi as the Chinese sages called it, constantly moving in cycles of change that influence all life on Earth. These cycles affect not only matter including our bodies, but also our minds, thoughts and emotions. They also play a role in events, determining their probability as well as their tendency of outcome; in short, what we call Luck.
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A powerful ancient method of reading our destiny
through the Five Elements
A Bazi chart consists of four ‘pillars’  with Chinese calendar units called Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, which arise from the Five elements and the yin-yang concept. By studying the positions of the elements and their interactions the person’s destiny opens right before your eyes.
The course:  Courses in this ancient system are few and far between. Kris Attard is now teaching this amazing discipline which he himself has been using and researching for several years. This 3-day course will teach you:
....what Bazi is and how it relates to the unfolding of ife
...how to read a person’s destiny
- discover which elements are favourable and which are not
- interpret chart events such as Special Stars, Clashes and Combinations
- observe the ebb and flow of your luck, and predict positive or challenging luck periods at any point in future.
Who is it for? The course is for anyone intrigued by life. It is as ideal for the mildly curious as it is for the metaphysical or personal growth students, holistic practitioners, or Feng Shui consultants. No experience is necessary, but after the course you will be directed to use recommended software.  While the course teaches the traditional method of casting a chart, we will focus mostly on using specialised software, since this offers many advantages for more detailed chart analysis. 
The course  features detailed slide presentations, and students get to work on their own chart and that of famous personalities. You will not look at life and circumstance in the same way.
Bazi gives you the key to decode your destiny and that of your friends and your loved ones.
The ancient sages knew of these cycles and encoded them into their traditional ways of reading time. They also established profound disciplines for tuning in to the different cycles, making it possible to get very accurate information of people’s character as well as the luck they could expect throughout different periods of their life. It was a way to effectively reveal one’s destiny and help him/her play it out to their best possible benefit .
Bazi is one of the most accessible of these disciplines, and now YOU have the opportunity to gain this knowledge and bring this amazing method into your life. Learn its fascinating but logical principles, and unveil your  destiny and that of your loved ones, friends, clients or colleagues.
This includes character traits, aptitudes for certain work, relationship dynamics and more. A chart can show our strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to focus on enhancing one and diminishing the other. We can also discover latent potential to unlock, as well as work with time.    By observing the fluctuations of our time luck pillars, we see the highs and lows not only of our past but most importantly, for any time in the future. This precious awareness can be of benefit in our work, health, relationships, personal growth and our aspirations, enabling us to make more informed choices, be better prepared to sidestep challenges and take advantage of incoming positive energy to manifest success in our  goals.
We can now have an active role in our fate and luck
F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) about

Do I need any experience or knowledge to learn Bazi?
None whatsoever, everything is progressively explained in the course.

Is this course for me?
If you have found yourself reading this, it probably is! The course appeals to various people, including
....Anyone interested in learning a method of astrology that does not involve knowledge or previous study and is relatively easy in approach.
....Anyone interested in life and keen to have a method of analysing their destiny and predicting luck
....Students of philosophy and metaphysics who will find its tenets interesting and supportive of other knowledge. Its awareness can also support spiritual growth.
....Holistic practitioners will support their knowledge about interconnection. Also reading someone's chart can reveal the direction their life may be taking, thus adding to the picture
....Feng Shui consultants. This can be a valuable tool as it indicates which elements a person may lack or benefit from in their environment if you subscribe to the school of Bazi-Feng Shui interaction
....Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners can correlate their findings of elemental balance/ imbalance with the individual's chart
....Anyone intrigued by the mysteries of life, destiny and circumstance. That's probably you, right?

Will I find it easy to learn?
Bazi can be learnt by anyone. Once the core theory of the Five Elements and their interaction is mastered (and this is not hard to learn), then you essentially know the basics of Bazi and how it works, and it is then a matter on elaborating on the details and of course, learning to put it all together and practice.You will receive a pre-course lesson to read in advance so that you will be at least familiar with the basic premise of the Five Elements. Then in class Kris will support this with the use of the traditional pictorial method of learning. The various combinations, clashes, etc are also easy to understand. But as with any subject in general and astrology in particular, your level of competence will be very much dependent on how much you practice on different charts. You learn the basics and principles, but you not be an expert from learning this or ANY other course in three days, this only comes with subsequent practice.

Tell me more about this pre-course lesson…
To leave us more time to dedicate to chart interpretation methods, you will be receiving a chapter of the manual in advance in PDF form. Please go through it and begin learning what the Five Elements are about, so that you will have at least a basic familiarity of them in the course. We will still revise the important parts, but it will make your course easier to learn and you absorb more in those three days.

Will I have to learn about planets or astrology or mathematics?
No! Bazi is very different from Western astrology. Although it is obviously based on energetic and astrological factors prevailing at the time of birth, these are built into the system of the Chinese calendar which we will be using, known as Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. By learning to work with these, you will automatically be integrated the prevailing astrological conditions of the time.

Will I get a manual?
Yes, a detailed and illustrated manual of almost 160 pages that contains all the information, tables and charts that you need. You will also receive a useful chart template for future use, references to handy web resources, and so on.

Is there memory work involved?
Not really. It is possible to read a chart using the information and tables in your manual without memory work. Naturally getting to know certain things without a chart makes your work easier and smoother for your future practice. A unique feature of this course is that Kris will draw on his experience of specialized memory methods he has used in his own life, and by guiding you through certain visualisations you can instantly learn and remember certain key details e.g. the combinations and clashes, which normally take days or more to remember.

Does the course use explanatory slides?
Yes, there is a very detailed and colourful slide presentation all throughout.

How will we draw up charts for people?
Traditionally a Bazi chart is drawn up by referring to the specialized Chinese Hsia calendar, and recent English versions have made this more accessible. This traditional method will be addressed and is covered in detail in the manual. However in these modern times we have the benefit of dedicated software which produces a chart in seconds, accurately and with little room for error since one only need input the correct birth data. This allows you more time and focus to dedicate to the interpretation, and ultimately this is counts, not how you draw up the chart. The software also enables you to save charts on file, highlight features of the chart, print reports and so on. While I have huge respect for the traditional method, in these modern times I believe the benefits of Bazi should be available even to those who can only learn it alongside a busy family lifestyle, hence why I advocate the use of software.

What is the software and how do I obtain it?
While there are different programs available, I recommend the Four Pillars software available at www.fourpillars.net created by Danny Berg, which I myself have been using for years. It has several very useful features that will make your work easier and leave you more time to focus on the analysis itself. This software is available in two forms: a free downloadable version which offers you the basic needs to create charts, or you can buy the premium version which offers you more useful features including the possibility to save charts you compute. The full version can be bought with a one off charge rather than a subscription as some other software programs do. Ultimately you can use any software program you may choose as you will also get a chart template. It is worth mentioning that this program also comprises software for the I Ching and Nine Star Ki methods of Chinese divination, and a Feng Shui program to compute a Flying Stars chart for a house, including the possibility to input a layout plan.

Do I need to bring a computer to the class?
No. This course is formulated such that you do not need to actually use the software in class, as the charts you will be working on will be supplied to you in printed form, which is the best way to learn Bazi, closer to the traditional way. After the course however, in order to practice Bazi, you will need to either obtain the Hsia calendar if you intend to draw up charts by hand, or else (as we recommend) have access to a good software program on your computer, as indicated above.

Whose charts will we work on?
In class you receive printouts of your chart and a celebrity's chart. (The reason we use celebrities is because their life is public, and one can follow up on the chart on developments that may occur later). You will be working on these in class, sometimes on your own sometimes possibly with someone else. This is why during your initial registration process you will be asked to submit your birth details, so I can produce your chart to hand you in the course. Should you not wish to submit or share these details, or involve your own chart, please inform us and we will instead hand you two celebrity charts instead. But please do not ask for a friend or family member's chart instead, as for ethics sake I will give out nor refer to anyone's chart in class other than your own, as this is with your permission, or a celebrity's chart, as this is ethical since their life is public and available online.

Can I get readings during the class?
As your understanding of the principles of Bazi opens up both in class and afterwards, you will be doing your own readings. My objective for this course is to teach you the basics and principles, and this I will do. Therefore as you can understand, I will not have the focus, scope or inclination to supply personal chart readings to any participants, nor to answer questions or comment about the charts of other people, family members, etc other than the charts on which we will be working on in class. Your co-operation in respecting this is very much appreciated.

So what do I need to bring with me?
- A4 note book, a pen (and a pencil for those who like to add notes in the manual without using ink).
- A set of five coloured highlighters to use on the charts. It will be helpful to use the same colour scheme as in the software, which is red, blue, green, yellow and pink or purple, but if not any five colours of highlighters or markers will do.
- Your sense of curiosity and openness!

Is there anything additional I need to buy for the course?
No. There will probably be available a collection of colour coded laminated charts for sale separately, but these are not essential, just handy for those who wish to be able to carry some essential information with them without needing to take the whole manual.

Thank you for considering this course, I hope to have the opportunity to meet you and together explore this fascinating method of working with destiny!     Kris Attard
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